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Hayti Basketball Summer League:

3The Hayti Basketball Summer League was D3’s first program, which debuted in June of 2006. The mission of the HBSL is to build self-esteem, validate self-worth and improve decision-making skills among “opportunity” youth. This program aims to promote a healthier sense of community, personal health and well-being through physical activity and team sports. The Hayti Basketball Summer League is free of charge and open to all youth, male and female, ages 14 – 20 years old.

Youth participants are recruited from all area high schools, G.E.D programs, and local neighborhoods throughout Durham. D3 also recruits coaches and assistants throughout the year who are willing to commit to coaching and mentoring a HBSL team throughout the entire summer. The local business community also plays a key role in HBSL through sponsorships and participation. Each team is named after a street that was once part of the historic Hayti district, which urban renewal demolished in 1958. In order to play on a team, all youth who participate in the summer league are required to submit a copy of their end of year report cards and complete a total of 20 community service hours.

Additionally, players also participate in education fairs hosted by D3 where local agencies and area colleges share information on topics such as sexual health, disease prevention, getting into college and options for career pathways. Volunteers are recruited to give presentations and hold workshops with the players on a variety of topics, including gang awareness, financial literacy, and healthy living.

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