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This program focuses on reading, writing, and computer literacy. Achievers’ participants enter the program on one of three pathways: literacy enrichment, pre-GED, or GED.  All classes focus on the academic skills of reading, writing, critical thinking and problem solving through small-group, whole-group, and individual instruction.

Literacy enrichment is provided in an after school environment for elementary school children. Students engage in free tutoring and organized activities that focus on reading and writing through the integration of STEM instruction and cultural awareness activities, such as, visiting museums and participation in arts and crafts. Present capacity for the after school program is 25 students.

The pre-GED and GED pathways are designed to prepare young adults to complete each of the GED examination tests successfully. Support is provided through tutoring and exposure to real world applications of the content that students need to learn. Present capacity for the pre-GED and GED program is 15 and 15, respectively.

College Tour:

D3 began hosting an annual Youth Empowerment and College Tour in 2007, with 50 young people during the first week in August. Over the years D3 has taken 369 young people on this tour which has contributed to 274 (74%) of them attending one of the schools that was visited. The tour is designed to give students a realistic and optimistic perspective on what it takes to attend college. Students are selected to participate based on academics, the need to attend college, and community service hours / projects that they participated in during the course of the summer. The tour experience includes several life skill seminars, options for institutions of higher learning, health information, financial-decision making, gang awareness and more. The tour covers several colleges/universities each trip along the East Coast, from North Carolina to New Jersey. The trip is free to all participants and is paid for by D3 and sponsors.

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